she is like a cat in the dark, and then she is the darkness

I had the great fortune of seeing Fleetwood Mac in concert last month, and finally witnessing live miss Nicks at her dreamy, heavy-lidded finest. 61 years old and still a mysterious, sensual enigma. Her unique gypsy/bohemian style is well documented (and rightly so), and is a look I have always loved. Not that I necessarily do - or even want to - dress just like her, but I deeply admire the way she completely owns her look, and wears the $&%*# out of the clothes rather than letting them wear her. Hell, I don't even think that would be possible. The style she has molded since the 1970s (above) is now so ingrained in our cultural psyche that it is almost as much a part of the persona that is 'Stevie Nicks' as her songs and voice are.

This image always reminded me of Stevie and the dress completely enchanted me as a girl, likely due to its fairy/angel/maiden/Sparkle Barbie qualities that are guaranteed to snatch any young wannabe fairy's heart:

(1980s Jill Fitzsimon dress)

Looking at it now I am taken back to chilled hippie parties I went to as a child, playing with the other kids while the parents wafted about in a haze of.... patchouli? Jagged-hem Stevie skirts, long dangly earrings, and soft leather lace up boots for the laaadies, and... actually, I paid no attention to what the men wore. Sure, technically it was the 80s but they weren't quite ready to give up the 70s yet thank you very much. If I had experienced it I probably wouldn't have wanted to either. And (cue neat wrap up) they always played The Mac. Love this clip from '76, back when they were still a bit raw: