Hello again from hot vintage damsels

It has been a bit more than a wee while since the last post from The Damsel and how things have changed. Not only has Damsel Vintage moved out into the interweb at http://www.damselvintage.com.au where the creme de la crop of vintage pieces are showcased for lovers and buyers of vintage. It is a place to view heavenly original vintage dresses, skirts, blouses and the like. There is even a sold folder to wile away the hours of vintage deliciousness.

Below are some highlights:

Damsel has also teamed up with two equally vintage loving maidens: Julia and Brooke. They are lovers, searchers and curators of beautiful vintage from across the globe and it should be a hoot and a half having the two of them adding their taste and style to the Damsel Vintage collection.

Julia is a vintage extraordinaire wearing the look from head to toe keeping femininity and playfulness at heart. She is true to the vintage style putting fashion victims to complete shame with her old-world beauty and charm. She is artistic, intelligent and to top it all off she sings like a musical theatre star for 'Black Tie Band'. Julia will be posting her vintage related thoughts here as 'Jewels' check back here to see her musings.

Brooke is a freelancer who works in fashion styling, visual merchandising and fashion journalism, she is a Fashionsmith if you will. So many fashion pies, so few fingers. Her style encapsulates vintage pieces refreshed with modern trends, crochet, lace and leather are her fashion frenzies. She is creative and passionate, blogging about her adventures on her blog GarbEdge and has a budding interest in fashion design. Brooke will be blogging here as 'La Rubia' so keep your eyes out for this fashionable blonde.

Put Damsel back on your bloglovin list to keep up to date with her fashion fancies. Look forward to keeping up to date with vintage love and gorgeous vintage finds from across the world to enliven your spirit and wardrobe. We will all look forward to bringing you irresistible vintage.

Love Damsel