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With all this rain lately it is easy to accept the urge to stay indoors and get into an old TV series. But, living in Queensland especially I am not that happy to just let all this rainy and overcast weather slide. I want some last minute summer vibes!
Apart from watching FRIENDS from the start again with all new 'added bonus' section episodes I have been doing my part for the pinning on pinterest. Along my travels I have certainly found some inspiration, delicious deserts and fashspiration (check out the board on pinterest under "Brooke Renai").
Pinterest is my new best bed friend. I have to say even though I hate seeing my email icon count go up faster than a 'The Block' auction I can't wait to see the Pinspiration pins they send me to get my pinning juices flowing.
There is a part of me that is very keen to get into the cooler months and get that layering fun happening. Another part of me though realises how great it is to step out of the front door with a clutch and no jacket. I have found myself pinning more summer inspiration than winter. And, that is what I thought I would like to share. After all sharing really is caring.

Love La Rubia


Choose a hat to suit your face shape

Hats are dead accessory items for some as the act of choosing a hat to suit your face shape can be too difficult.

For me, I love hats and I always find myself looking at them thinking "Why can't there be more reasons to wear hats?" I'm not sure if anyone else feels the same way, but with the occasional hat lover who comes my way I'd like to think I am not alone.

Hats are a traditional fashion form that seem to have been forgotten in modern silhouettes and styles. It is a shame really that such a fashion statement; a true expression of art, personality and craftsmanship is reserved for either the race carnival season or a high-brow wedding.

Hats have become much more about sun protection than style. We choose large-brimmed raffia numbers in favour of pill-boxes or cloches. Traditional hat styles don’t offer much of a barrier to the harsh sunlight, so I can appreciate the choice is almost taken out of our hands. But, what about special occasions: dinners, birthdays, parties and cocktail hour?

I guess the biggest issue is how do you wear them? It’s not as though you can add a turban to a jeans and tee look and pull it off without some serious turned heads and starring. You really need to build a look around a chosen hat. The trick is not to let the hat wear you, but that it is a natural extension of your outfit and your personality. I think the goal with hats is to be amusing.

Long Face

Hat Style: Medium crowns, medium-to-wide brims. Crisp, clean lines worn straight forward.
Hair: Full, wide looks teased or soft.
Icon e.g: Sigrid Thornton, Julia Roberts, Marg Downey, Rowena Wallace. 

Oval Face

Hat Style: Low insert crowns with medium sharp line brims, either with turned-up backs or swept-up side or sides.
Hair: Swept-back style such as the French roll.
Icon e.g: Princess Caroline, Jeanne Little, Jane Turner, Rebecca Gibney and Madonna.

Square Face 

Hat Style: Large line brim framing the hair and face, worn on an angle or straight forward.
Hair: Full and soft, pulled around to the cheeks.
Icon: Bette Midler, Kate Fitzpatrick, Gina Riley, Michelle Pfeiffer, Noni Hazelhurst.

Wide Face

Hat Style: Only off-the-face styles, worn towards the back: for example, Bretons, sombreros and pillboxes.
Hair: Fringes with sculptured hair to middle of neck.
Icon e.g: Kate Cebrano, Barbara Streisand, Louise Anton.

Round Face 

Hat Style: Medium to small crowns and brims won stylishly forward or slanted.
Hair: Straight, sharp lines cut to cheek level. If longer, worn in front of ears.
Icon e.g: Jenny Kee, Alyssa-Jane Cook, Magda Szubanski, Joan Sydney.

Heart Face

Hat Style: Small brims, low crowns, one-sided hat or decor hair combs.
Hair: One side straight, swept to full other side.
Icon e.g: Marcia Hines, Annie Jones, Elizabeth Taylor.

Enjoy the fun!

Love La Rubia


It's all relative in terms of silhouettes

I can admit, even if no-one else wants to join me, that things have changed. Change, like a lot of things, is inevitable. It is not always for the better and sometimes the advantages are debatable.

Fashion is one thing that has witnessed constant change. Whether it was fabric inventions, modes of garment production or pop culture influence it was reflected in the garb and silhouettes of the time.

Earlier decades saw women reaching for drop waists, sleeveless cocktail gowns before switching to shin-length, full-flared prom dresses. Women's silhouettes were celebrated in fitted capri pants, pencil skirts and waisted maxi dresses.

As the decades moved on and changed, so did the silhouettes. In and out, up and down the shapes and styles of women's clothing represented movements in female strength, solidarity and individualism.

Certainly some decades represent femininity better than others and particular eras portray that eternal style amidst the fading fast fashions of modern times.

The most interesting thing, I think, will be how they will change in the future.

Love La Rubia


Redesign your vintage

Vintage clothing continues to be a fashion favourite amongst many. I can forgive people for thinking of costumey 50’s cocktail dresses worn with barrel curls and pinnies when someone mentions dressing in vintage. However, the real appeal of vintage fashion comes from the ability to modernise the quality designs and silhouettes. But that may be easier said than done – what about the ideas?

Here are some ways you can transform vintage fashion into more modern items. Think denim hot pants, pussy bow blouses, denim vests, cotton shirt dresses and jersey maxes dresses. They are all great styles that can be worn by many body shapes and ages.

There are many uber cool designs from the 70s and 80s that could be brought to 21st century with a little sparkle.

Get yourself a glue gun, some rhinestones, diamantes or anything with sparkle. Mix it up with some colour as well as white. The best way to get them attached is to hot glue on the garment first and then attach the sparkle with a tooth pick or cotton tip to avoid getting glue everywhere. Bling is the aim but try to aim for the garment instead of the table, floor or your fav t-shirt.

Try not to get carried away with the bling as it’s about adding to and not going crazy with...


Inject some seasonal colour into the vintage piece you found at a local op-shop, in your mum’s closet or at the markets.

For spring and summer the colour palettes du jour are favouring pastels over primary and neon over neutrals. Places like spotlight and lincraft have super products to get those colours running. Grab yourself a bucket, newspaper and gloves. Be careful here as just like the sparkles the aim is to get the colour onto the garment rather than onto your carpet, walls or your dog.

The more the merrier here with the colour. Be sure to keep it in the same hue as much as possible to avoid looking like a bowl of skittles. But hey if you like colour then get to it. 

Overall the more creative you can be with your ideas the better result you will get. Fashion is there to have fun with and just because you are seeking out fashion from decades ago does not mean you can’t create stylish, modern and in-season looks with it.

Love La Rubia


Hello again from hot vintage damsels

It has been a bit more than a wee while since the last post from The Damsel and how things have changed. Not only has Damsel Vintage moved out into the interweb at http://www.damselvintage.com.au where the creme de la crop of vintage pieces are showcased for lovers and buyers of vintage. It is a place to view heavenly original vintage dresses, skirts, blouses and the like. There is even a sold folder to wile away the hours of vintage deliciousness.

Below are some highlights:

Damsel has also teamed up with two equally vintage loving maidens: Julia and Brooke. They are lovers, searchers and curators of beautiful vintage from across the globe and it should be a hoot and a half having the two of them adding their taste and style to the Damsel Vintage collection.

Julia is a vintage extraordinaire wearing the look from head to toe keeping femininity and playfulness at heart. She is true to the vintage style putting fashion victims to complete shame with her old-world beauty and charm. She is artistic, intelligent and to top it all off she sings like a musical theatre star for 'Black Tie Band'. Julia will be posting her vintage related thoughts here as 'Jewels' check back here to see her musings.

Brooke is a freelancer who works in fashion styling, visual merchandising and fashion journalism, she is a Fashionsmith if you will. So many fashion pies, so few fingers. Her style encapsulates vintage pieces refreshed with modern trends, crochet, lace and leather are her fashion frenzies. She is creative and passionate, blogging about her adventures on her blog GarbEdge and has a budding interest in fashion design. Brooke will be blogging here as 'La Rubia' so keep your eyes out for this fashionable blonde.

Put Damsel back on your bloglovin list to keep up to date with her fashion fancies. Look forward to keeping up to date with vintage love and gorgeous vintage finds from across the world to enliven your spirit and wardrobe. We will all look forward to bringing you irresistible vintage.

Love Damsel


the vision.

So, hey. I've been told I'm apparently the slackest blogger in the world, and I think it's not far off the mark. The thing is I like blogging, and I like reading blogs, yet I have done neither of those things of late. It's just that the last few months have carried with them an overriding feeling of being utterly overwhelmed. In every aspect of life. I won't bore with details, I'm sure you have felt it too. It's neither a wholly negative nor positive emotion, but it doesn't lend itself much to clarity of thought, and it certainly isn't conducive to writing anything fit for the public domain.

But after finally undertaking the painstaking task of writing all the overwhelming things down (an exercise I highly recommend) and slowly ticking them off one at a time, the fog is starting to clear. For instance (a more shallow example), Zumba used to be my bitch - I owned Zumba. Dude, I could Merengue March to your grandma's place. But following months of dropping all exercise because I was convinced I didn't have time, I recently started again after realising that if I never exercise then the overall timeline of this busy life is likely to get even shorter, and then I really won't have time for anything. Short meaning = exercise is vital for longevity. Cue overwhelming feeling of being embarrassingly unfit and fears of dying of a heart attack before 30 while doing Zumba. Write it down, notice what a ridiculous notion this is when on paper. Accept that I am now Zumba's bitch. Keep at it, the tables will turn again, but for the time being I am content with my place in this relationship.

The second change happened just the other day, when I had my first photoshoot with my fab new model and friend Kristy. Now there's still tweaking to be done with the lighting and camera settings and I need to buy some fresh accessories, but overall there's something I love about these pics. The style is starting to match the image in my mind, there's a softness and romanticism that really appeals to me. I feel inspired, for the first time in a while. Something has clicked again with me and Damsel - I know what I want, I can see it, and I will make it happen.

(BTW can you believe Kristy has never done this before? One might called it amazeballs, if one was crude. These items, and a couple more, will be up for sale on Facebook this Sunday night.)




my favourite vintage salt & pepper shakers in the whole world...

Cute huh? But wait for it...