And thus I clothe my naked villainy / with old odd ends stolen out of holy writ / and seem a saint when most I play the devil

Rob Pensalfini as King Richard III. Photo by Morgan Roberts.

In my other life I am privileged to belong to a unique and inspiring theatre company, the Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble. QSE came into my life at a time when I was frankly a bit over acting, and was feeling somewhat jaded about ensemble theatre. Two years as part of their core ensemble helped turn that around - something I am eternally grateful for. In 2010 I decided not to continue in the core so that I could focus more time and energy on Damsel Vintage for a while, but I have managed to merge my two "worlds" by taking on the role of joint costumer designer (with my friend and fellow QSE'r Angel Kosch) for their mainstage production, Richard III, directed by Tom McSweeney.

Finally, my growing collection of medieval dresses and unhealthy obsession with silk velvet has a purpose in life! Angel and I have also been op-shopping like demons, something I haven't done for an eternity. The costumes are starting to come together nicely and as more publicity shots are taken I will post them. For starters, here's a sneak peak.

Rob Pensalfini as Richard III. Claire Pearson as Lady Anne. Louise Brehmer as Queen Elizabeth. Jane Cameron as Margaret. Cienda McNamara as the Duchess of York. Photo by Morgan Roberts.

Claire wears a 1970s emerald wrap dress. Louise wears a 1960s blue velvet bolero jacket with pearl bead and gold embroidery trim. She also wears my 1999 grad dress! Jane wears an early 1960s Young Innocent (which later became Young Edwardian) velvet jacket with fabric buttons and khaki lace trim. The outfit Cienda is wearing is not her final costume - we decided on a long green dress from a fantastic website - holyclothing.com - who do gorgeous gypsy dresses in a huge range of sizes. All photos are copyright Morgan Roberts.

You can find out more about the Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble on our website, and keep update to date with news and Richard III details on our facebook page. More costume updates soon!

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