the vision.

So, hey. I've been told I'm apparently the slackest blogger in the world, and I think it's not far off the mark. The thing is I like blogging, and I like reading blogs, yet I have done neither of those things of late. It's just that the last few months have carried with them an overriding feeling of being utterly overwhelmed. In every aspect of life. I won't bore with details, I'm sure you have felt it too. It's neither a wholly negative nor positive emotion, but it doesn't lend itself much to clarity of thought, and it certainly isn't conducive to writing anything fit for the public domain.

But after finally undertaking the painstaking task of writing all the overwhelming things down (an exercise I highly recommend) and slowly ticking them off one at a time, the fog is starting to clear. For instance (a more shallow example), Zumba used to be my bitch - I owned Zumba. Dude, I could Merengue March to your grandma's place. But following months of dropping all exercise because I was convinced I didn't have time, I recently started again after realising that if I never exercise then the overall timeline of this busy life is likely to get even shorter, and then I really won't have time for anything. Short meaning = exercise is vital for longevity. Cue overwhelming feeling of being embarrassingly unfit and fears of dying of a heart attack before 30 while doing Zumba. Write it down, notice what a ridiculous notion this is when on paper. Accept that I am now Zumba's bitch. Keep at it, the tables will turn again, but for the time being I am content with my place in this relationship.

The second change happened just the other day, when I had my first photoshoot with my fab new model and friend Kristy. Now there's still tweaking to be done with the lighting and camera settings and I need to buy some fresh accessories, but overall there's something I love about these pics. The style is starting to match the image in my mind, there's a softness and romanticism that really appeals to me. I feel inspired, for the first time in a while. Something has clicked again with me and Damsel - I know what I want, I can see it, and I will make it happen.

(BTW can you believe Kristy has never done this before? One might called it amazeballs, if one was crude. These items, and a couple more, will be up for sale on Facebook this Sunday night.)



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  1. These dresses are so lovely.
    -- Eden http://vantagepointvintage.com/blog