Girls. Found a box of awesome vintage mags and after flicking through, I discovered a growing theme in my chosen scans. Girls with attitude. Girls I wanted to be when I grew up. Fearless, fun, growling, dancing, kissing, slouching girls. Wearing killer heels one day and boys clothes the next and too many accessories and plaits and messy hair. Too often I find myself changing an outfit if I think other people won't like it, or if it draws too much attention. Surely I'm old enough now to stop caring? Is 2010 the time to let it go and step it up? YES MA'AM.

First stop: shoes that actual grownups wear.

(1989 ad for Kate Durham; 1988 Vogue editorial pic on 'mudlark' fashion; 1988 Vogue editorial pic on Chanel; Stevie Nicks 1970s; 1970 Snazzi by La Gaye Parisienne dress; 1980s Cue ad)


  1. i can't do 'proper' shoes either, all these super high heels in fashion are driving me crazy,love that old cue dress

  2. Haha amazing scans!

    I love your vintage collection, it's so different to all the other run of the mill vintage eBay stores that sell the same op-shop stuff. I believe we buy from the same place in Melbourne and I have always admired your eye and skill for picking out the best! =)

    Good luck with your upcoming projects! xoxo