a late Valentines Day message...

To all you fine Aussie sheilas...

Hope you remembered to spoil yourself on Valentines Day too. A new frizz perm perhaps? Niiice. And here's hoping you found the grousest true blue bloke to snuggle up to last weekend. But hands off this guy - him, his budgie smugglers AND Ron Burgundy mustache are all MINE:

not sure why the date is showing as the 2nd Feb - it's clearly the 21st. new Damsel Vintage auctions coming soon, stay tuned xx


  1. Can't wait to start bidding on your beutiful auction items. Those budgie smugglers and his moustache are out of this world xxx

  2. Back off little miss! MINE I tells you ;)

  3. omg when is that FROM????

  4. Honestly I can't find a single date on the whole magazine, but am gonna go with very early 80s.