It's all relative in terms of silhouettes

I can admit, even if no-one else wants to join me, that things have changed. Change, like a lot of things, is inevitable. It is not always for the better and sometimes the advantages are debatable.

Fashion is one thing that has witnessed constant change. Whether it was fabric inventions, modes of garment production or pop culture influence it was reflected in the garb and silhouettes of the time.

Earlier decades saw women reaching for drop waists, sleeveless cocktail gowns before switching to shin-length, full-flared prom dresses. Women's silhouettes were celebrated in fitted capri pants, pencil skirts and waisted maxi dresses.

As the decades moved on and changed, so did the silhouettes. In and out, up and down the shapes and styles of women's clothing represented movements in female strength, solidarity and individualism.

Certainly some decades represent femininity better than others and particular eras portray that eternal style amidst the fading fast fashions of modern times.

The most interesting thing, I think, will be how they will change in the future.

Love La Rubia

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