Redesign your vintage

Vintage clothing continues to be a fashion favourite amongst many. I can forgive people for thinking of costumey 50’s cocktail dresses worn with barrel curls and pinnies when someone mentions dressing in vintage. However, the real appeal of vintage fashion comes from the ability to modernise the quality designs and silhouettes. But that may be easier said than done – what about the ideas?

Here are some ways you can transform vintage fashion into more modern items. Think denim hot pants, pussy bow blouses, denim vests, cotton shirt dresses and jersey maxes dresses. They are all great styles that can be worn by many body shapes and ages.

There are many uber cool designs from the 70s and 80s that could be brought to 21st century with a little sparkle.

Get yourself a glue gun, some rhinestones, diamantes or anything with sparkle. Mix it up with some colour as well as white. The best way to get them attached is to hot glue on the garment first and then attach the sparkle with a tooth pick or cotton tip to avoid getting glue everywhere. Bling is the aim but try to aim for the garment instead of the table, floor or your fav t-shirt.

Try not to get carried away with the bling as it’s about adding to and not going crazy with...


Inject some seasonal colour into the vintage piece you found at a local op-shop, in your mum’s closet or at the markets.

For spring and summer the colour palettes du jour are favouring pastels over primary and neon over neutrals. Places like spotlight and lincraft have super products to get those colours running. Grab yourself a bucket, newspaper and gloves. Be careful here as just like the sparkles the aim is to get the colour onto the garment rather than onto your carpet, walls or your dog.

The more the merrier here with the colour. Be sure to keep it in the same hue as much as possible to avoid looking like a bowl of skittles. But hey if you like colour then get to it. 

Overall the more creative you can be with your ideas the better result you will get. Fashion is there to have fun with and just because you are seeking out fashion from decades ago does not mean you can’t create stylish, modern and in-season looks with it.

Love La Rubia

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